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    바카라 단도

    Local chapters offer valuable networking and educational opportunities on a global level. For additional information, including contacts, click on any of the Chapters listed below.

    Be Connected. Get Involved.

    Your Home Chapter is your connection to career growth and community. Joining a Home Chapter offers access to critical thinking, insights into communication, and managerial skills by allowing you to engage face-to-face with the nation’s top B-to-B marketing thinkers and practitioners.

    In addition, you will have the opportunity to:

    • Engage with fellow B-to-B marketers and build your network.
    • Get knowledge and ideas you can leverage to take your career to the next level.
    • Meet today's marketing leaders and tomorrow's rising stars.

    The Benefits of Participating in Your Local Chapter

    We connect members with the kind of networking, knowledge, people?and?programs that make achieving their company objectives more efficient and effective.

    As a business marketer or communicator, your needs are distinct from those of the consumer marketing environment. Broad-brush marketing associations or organizations devoted to a single program category cannot effectively provide the required resources. You need a community that, like you, focuses on meeting the challenges presented in business marketing, day in and day out.

    You need ANA Business Marketing – from proprietary content and local events to the B2 Awards (the premier B2B industry awards program) to the Masters of B2B Marketing Conference and everything we offer in between:

    • Complimentary access to ANA’s Content Library
      • Tap the latest B2B marketing insights, plus hundreds of?B2B?case studies, research reports, white papers, articles, presentations, and other?B2B?content from any device.

    • Complimentary Webinars
      • From the comfort of your office, you have access to our monthly?B2B?webinar series that will help expand your business perspective in the marketing space, while our weekly general marketing webinars keep you on top of Industry trends and skills.?

    • Local Event Opportunities
      • Participate in events hosted by your Home Chapter.

    • Complimentary Publications
      • You will receive access to ANA industry publications like?B-to-B Marketer?and?ANA Magazine?focusing on experiential, shopper and promotion marketing, and have access to the ANA B2B 360 and ANA SmartBrief marketing newsletters.

    • Membership Directory that allows you to engage with fellow members

    • Complimentary membership to Home Chapter
      • Chapter membership dues for your Home Chapter are included in your Individual membership.?

    Individual Member?dues: $300 per year

    Note: An individual membership is for one person and is not transferable.



    Chapter Young Professional Membership

    Our local Chapters also offer introductory memberships for young B2B marketers at discounted rates. Chapter Young Professional members can:

    • Attend Chapter Events
    • Enter Local Award Programs
    • Participate in Chapter Leadership

    Chapter Young Professional Member dues: $75 per year

    Note: A Chapter Young Professional Membership does not include benefits associated with full ANA Membership.??Young Professional Membership is limited to a maximum of two years.


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